Why do so many people dread hiring new employees or searching for a new position?

Think about it.

Think about it again.

It’s risky and it’s time-consuming.

As a company, longevity and continued growth as an organization are inherently tied to good hiring.

As a professional, career development and job security are inherently tied to your life aspirations and long-term welfare.

Our chief purpose is helping companies make good hires and individuals advance their careers, and we are obsessed with facilitating a process that will lead to the meeting of these objectives.

For well over 30 years, we have observed great companies and smart individuals muddle through corporate hiring practices, job search processes and positively bad advice that almost always ensure a bad outcome. Why? Because they didn’t take advantage of our extensive experience and expertise.

To Companies Seeking to Hire

Before accepting each search, we spend a considerable amount of time reviewing the unique particulars of your need and speaking with everyone involved in the hiring process. We review your interviewing and onboarding policy to ensure it sets the stage for attracting top candidates. And then we collaborate with you on how to develop an executable process that will yield the best results.   

No two searches are alike. Be prepared to closely collaborate with us during the prologue to a search.

  • We are Pros. We are consistently ahead of the curve and connect the dots. We have long tenure in the recruitment process and before combing through the candidate market, we know exactly who we are looking for.
  • We Don’t Like Mistakes. For every hour you spend talking to a candidate, we spend four. We know as much about what motivates and inspires them as we do about their work history and technical skills. This profound relationship allows us to recommend people who we know will thrive in your corporate culture.
  • We Respect Your Time. We work extensively with both you and the candidate through the offer, acceptance and resignation to ensure a smooth transition on both sides. We do our best to prevent you from making an offer that won’t be accepted, and nothing falls through the cracks.
  • We Aren’t Afraid to Say No. And if we sense that something is not on track, we will speak up – even if that means a difficult conversation or restarting the search. Our mission is linked to excellence and truly satisfied clients.

To Our Candidates

When you come to us to discuss a career change, we want to make sure that you are considering every aspect of a move. Sometimes changing companies is not the best answer. If it is, we will work with you in whatever way possible, or we will refer you to colleagues who might be a better resource.

If you do work with us, you can rely on the fact that:

  • We Give Excellent Advice. We have seen both sides of the hiring equation for many years and can help you understand what might not be immediately obvious.  
  • We are Industry Gurus. We are steeped in market knowledge and know corporate culture.  But most importantly, we know the current markets and where you can accelerate or stall your career.
  • We are Professional Consultants. That means we are serious about your confidentiality, whether you are placed by us or not. Our industry reputation is critical.