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The Nutraceutical industry is growing. With the potential replacement of many conventional medications with nutraceutical products, the increase in demand is driving growth at a rapid, almost frenzied, rate.

Factors such as an exponential surge in health-minded consumers, an aging population, and demand for preventative healthcare have stimulated the evolution of this industry. There is little doubt regarding the necessity of nutraceuticals in the modern world, however contending with the complexities surrounding topics such as ingredient supply chain transparency, regulatory & oversight, and product certification require individuals with a depth and breadth of experience.

Armed with depth, breadth and an encyclopedic knowledge of this unique industry, our Nutraceutical search consultant is well-versed in its history and key issues it is currently facing and is highly skilled at putting the right people in the right positions at the right time.

For example, our Nutraceuticals team excels at finding high performing talent:

  • That can address succession gaps and strategic leadership planning initiatives.
  • With the ability to quickly decipher the inherent complexities of the industry and leverage existing relationships to identify new business development opportunities.
  • That will strengthen and improve product development, quality assurance and formulation teams.
  • Capable of improving operational inefficiencies and bolstering regulatory & compliance and supply chain programs.
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