Our Team

Laurie Richard

Operations & Marketing

After studying English at Caldwell University in Northern NJ, Laurie followed her creative instincts into the beauty industry, where her marketing career took form. As Creative Director, Laurie utilized her writing and design skills to help market the company and its products, eventually bringing her multi-faceted approach to projects in other industries. Laurie has a deep-seated desire to always be learning, which has led to the addition of database development, SEO driven blogging, and digital marketing skills to her bag of tricks.

Laurie moved to Sarasota in 2016, and though she misses the animal rescue for which she was a longtime volunteer, she does NOT miss the snow. She joined The Mattran Group in 2020 where her marketing instincts and penchant for research has quickly made Laurie an invaluable part of our team.


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