Our Team

Phil Clay

Search Director,
Enterprise Software Division

Before joining our Enterprise Software team, Phil spent 20 years forging a reputation for excellence as a manager within the multi-unit technology retail space. A natural born problem solver, his entrepreneurial spirit and drive first revealed itself when as a young boy in Texas he took the initiative to request an opportunity to play a part in the family business. During those formative years he truly began to grasp the intricate nuances associated with providing the best possible result for everyone involved in a business exchange. Phil’s ability to quickly grasp new concepts and connect the dots makes him someone you want in your corner and on your hiring team. He’s been on both sides of the hiring equation, and that experience greatly contributes to his ability to understand implications and develop workable solutions.

Phil also has a big heart. Just ask his lovely wife and any one of the seven rescue dogs (as of this printing) that are a beloved part of their family. Over the past 10 years, he and his wife have selflessly dedicated much of their free time and energy to dog rescue volunteer work.


(941) 365-5151 x 306