Our Team

Robert Holbrook

Search Director,
Cybersecurity Division

Robert heads up the Cybersecurity segment of the Enterprise Software division for The Mattran Group. Coming from a fifteen-year career in public safety, he has extensive hands-on experience with a wide variety of municipal, state, and federal software programs. He also served as the Operations Manager in a start-up technology support company and is keenly aware of the security issues that need to be addressed as new products come into use.

Robert has an innate interest in all things technology related and is never easily stumped. He is an analytical solutions-oriented thinker, and his ability to quickly grasp new ideas, see the full picture and then bring it all together makes him someone you want in your corner.

His degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Nebraska and tenure as a corrections officer coupled with his aptitude for technology provides him with a unique lens into the Cybersecurity industry and the importance of a comprehensive strategy that includes identifying and attracting top talent.

When not deeply involved in tech-talk with his clients and candidates, he and his family enjoy expanding their horizons through travel and exploration of places they have never been.


(941) 365-5151 x 303