April 04, 2020

Tough Decision for Good Candidates

Highly skilled candidates are always in demand, and are frequently courted by forward-thinking companies. If you are a desirable candidate, and you are actively interviewing, it’s not uncommon to have serious interest from more than one company. How you handle the decision-making process can be tricky. 

No two companies progress through the hiring process at the same speed. Just because you are in their interviewing loop, doesn’t mean they are going to actually hire someone. Trying to engineer the timing of offers so you can compare them is a dangerous strategy.

The adage, A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, clearly applies.

Learn to evaluate each position on its own merit then decide for or against that opportunity. Comparing offers rarely enhances the decision making process.

Best advice for moving forward in your job search is to try to eliminate positions before you get to the offer stage. Try not to want the job. Nothing is gained by getting an offer from a company you do not intend to work for. Here are a few good questions to ask yourself while you are interviewing with companies.

Can I see myself being successful in the position?
If you can’t see yourself performing at a high level, you either don’t have enough information about the position, or it’s not the best position for you.

Is it something I would like to do for a long time?
Never take a position thinking it’s going to be “good enough” to take until something better comes along. That attitude will taint your performance, and it might be longer than you think before that dream job turns up.

Would I feel good about joining the company?
You will spend a lot of time and energy working with the people in your new company. Do you feel that you fit in well with the corporate culture? If the answer is no or you are not sure, you had better rethink the opportunity. You need to be extremely happy and enthusiastic about what you are getting yourself into, or it’s not the right fit.

How will this decision enhance the lives of those that are close to me?
You might not be the only stakeholder in this decision. Happy at work and miserable at home is not a good situation.

If the positions you are considering do not meet your criteria in these areas you are best advised to discontinue the interviewing process and focus your energy on finding more suitable opportunities.