August 28, 2020

Good Things Happening at TMG

As there seems to be no relief in sight from the world absolutely going to hell in a handbasket, The Mattran Group has been pulling out all the stops to focus on maintaining sanity. Knock wood, everyone is healthy, and we have no signs of the evil virus among us. We have been working from home, apart from quick runs to the office to pick up mail or reboot electronics.

Amidst the relentless plague of turmoil, the TMG team has kept our focus on speaking with hundreds (maybe thousands) of corporate leaders to deliberate the direction their business might take post pandemic. Unequivocally, business leaders believe that there will be a resolution. As of August, the world has been in pandemic mode long enough to see the results of some very creative thinking. New businesses are emerging; tenured businesses are rightsizing. New product development and cross marketing opportunities are surfacing globally. And everyone seems to be practicing laser beam determination on doing whatever it takes to not let this insidious virus take us down.

Predictions of how long it will take to eradicate the virus are academic. But we are far enough along for it to feel like we have Winston Churchill’s quote “If you are going through hell, keep going,” emblazoned in our minds. Psychologists tell us that the best way to get through this is to take a deep breath and focus on all the good and positive things for which we are grateful. To that end, we wanted to share some of the joys that have come into our lives during the past few months.

Meet Gigi, the Pitbull
Derek Moore, a big fan of bully breeds, adopted a 7-year old pit bull named Gigi. She sits at Derek’s feet all day, helping him work on glazing related search assignments from his home office. Gigi was overweight, hated to walk, and was afraid of the water when adopted. Over the past few months she’s slowly learned to enjoy her daily walk and is steadily losing weight. Eventually, she’ll learn to be a good mate on the boat.  

Say Hello to Tina, the Greyhound
After spending the last year furnishing their new home, Rose and Don Mattran fell madly in love with and adopted a retired racing greyhound. Her name is QuaranTINA – Tina for short. She now commands their life and has created an indoor track around the mid-century modern decor. 

Introducing Aria Djavaherian
Last, but certainly not least, in the middle of the coronavirus lockdown Forrest Djavaherian and McKenzie Miller gave birth to their first daughter, Aria Djavaherian.   

It doesn’t get much better than that.