Industrial Automation

Consumer demand for rapid online order fulfillment has created seismic shifts in the retail landscape, requiring retailers, distributors, manufacturers and 3PLs to expand and reconfigure their warehouse automation capabilities.

With more than 20 years of immersion in the industry, our Industrial Automation team has had a front row seat to its transformation. From automation to IoT to big data and artificial intelligence, Industry 4.0 is the next wave of evolution for manufacturing and we understand both the complications and vast opportunities involved.

With a fine-tuned ability to distinguish high potential talent and a keen understanding of the best practices of the savviest companies in the industry we can deliver who you need, where you need and when you need them.

For example, our Industrial Automation team is unparalleled at finding high performing talent:

  • Who are change agents capable of addressing succession gaps and strategic senior leadership planning initiatives.
  • That will strengthen solutions development, technical engineering and simulation engineering teams.
  • With proven results from within the industry who can turnaround underperforming sales teams or territories.
  • With a mix of hands-on industry experience and creative problem-solving capabilities who willimprove project management and solution implementation teams.
  • Capable of leading and improving strategic operational, customer service and customer success divisions.
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