Executive Coaching

My coaching practice came into focus after many years of assisting people in making workplace decisions. They include career selection, development and transitions, and workplace management, which also includes team building and leadership development. 

I anchor my coaching in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®), and have logged thousands of hours of practical application and theoretical study to become a Master Practitioner of this highly respected personality assessment.

Executive Coaching is a powerful resource with both personal and corporate applications. It is a highly specialized look at addressing the challenge of a change. Through developing personal insight and examining vital relationships, you will develop the awareness to identify markers necessary for achieving your objectives. 

At the core, coaching is about change. When you work with a coach you set a process in motion for affecting that change. You take action toward the realization of specific goals. Coaching produces targeted results in less time than other learning experiences.

Discuss coaching with me for:

  • Career Planning:  I coach high school and college students in planning a career, and working adults wishing to make various career transitions.
  • Enhancing Communication Skills:  Probably the single most important attribute necessary for successful and meaningful relationships – corporate or personal.  Do you really know who you are talking to?
  • Leadership and Team Building:  Learn how to communicate and effectively manage the behavioral adjustments needed to build a high achieving team.

Working with an experienced coach produces targeted results in less time than other learning experiences.

In-person, telephonic or videoconferencing available.  Single session or packaged rates.

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