July 29, 2021

If a company needs top talent, its hiring brand may need an Advocate.

It’s no secret that today’s consumers base brand loyalty on company values as much as they do on product quality and customer experience. However, even the savviest of leaders may overlook the reality that the same criteria often applies when hiring for key positions.      

A recent study shows that when considering changing jobs, 77% of candidates focus more so on a company’s reputation in the marketplace than any other criteria that might be part of the decision- making process. Experienced candidates know that competitive compensation and benefits are fairly standard across an industry, but a work environment they can envision themselves being a part of? Not so much.  

Companies with well-executed branding initiatives are more likely to attract top-tier candidates. Their competitors who ignore this aspect have busy HR teams that are left trying to develop ways to stand out to outstanding candidates. A good balance sheet won’t do it, nor will clichéd hiring ads, ambiguous job descriptions, or an assembly line interview approach.  

If a company wants to hire the best and brightest, they need a recruiting partner capable of helping them position themselves to attract the best and brightest.  

Navigating the job market is a recruiters job.  

Our recruiters take great measure to know the industries they serve, both the companies in it and the who’s who from it, and they are positioned to advocate for an organization based on a deep understanding of its product/services, its corporate culture, its marketplace, and its mission & vision.  

They are in daily contact with players in their industry developing relationships, garnering industry intel, and learning about workforce trends. This real-world involvement arms them with the ingredients required to engage with the widest audience possible, narrow the field to the most promising, and truly make a good candidate/company match.  

But it all starts with finding the right recruiter.  

How can you tell if you’re working with the right recruiter? Look for these signs:    

They are Pros.  They are consistently ahead of the curve and connecting the dots. They have deep niche tenure and know exactly who they are looking for before they begin combing through the candidate market.   

They Don’t Like Mistakes.  For every hour you spend talking to a candidate, they’ve spent four. They know as much about what motivates and inspires a candidate as they do about their work history and technical skills. This profound relationship allows them to recommend people who they know will thrive in your corporate culture.  

They Respect Your Time.  They work extensively with both you and the candidate through the offer, acceptance, and resignation to ensure a smooth transition on both sides. They do their best to prevent companies from making an offer that won’t be accepted and let nothing fall through the cracks.  

They Aren’t Afraid to Say No.  If they sense that something is not on track, they will speak up – even if that means a difficult conversation or restarting the search. They consider a legacy of truly satisfied clients more important than simply making a quick placement.   

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