Our Team

Heather Yates


Heather began her career with The Mattran Group in 2004 when she relocated to Sarasota, FL. Her early career was in pharmacy administration and management at the corporate headquarters of Kerr Drug, a former regional chain of drug stores with locations throughout the Carolinas. For a brief time in her early years, she aspired to be a pharmacist. However, those ambitions quickly changed when she was recruited into the business side of things where she was able to apply her skills at developing, simplifying and streamlining procedures and protocols.

With a particular eye for detail and a gift for bringing order to chaos, she has played a key role in the ongoing success and growth during her tenure with The Mattran Group. Her innate technical aptitude and research expertise, coupled with a keen understanding of all industries we serve allows her to consult, mentor and guide our efforts as we seek to uncover and deliver the best and brightest talent for our clients’ critical needs.

In 2020, during the depths of the COVID global pandemic, Heather assumed the role of Owner & President of The Mattran Group and is committed to preserving and advancing the firm’s considerable legacy of success.


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