May 27, 2020

When Hiring: Momentum Matters

Once you have interviewed a candidate that you think you might want to hire, it is important to keep the process moving. Poor communication and a protracted hiring process can lead to undesirable outcomes. 

When candidates are not receiving regular and timely feedback following an interview, they begin to speculate why. They spend their time wondering: 

Didn’t they like me?
Didn’t they think I was qualified?
Did they find someone else?
Did they decide not to fill the position?

It doesn’t take long before those questions turn into assumptions that your company might be dysfunctional. After all, how a company hires is a telling indicator of how a company operates and their corporate culture.  

When momentum lags, so does enthusiasm. And this is when a potential candidate’s thoughts turn to, “Probably dodged a bullet with this one! I just need to find a company that will be a better fit.”  

Make no mistake, companies who are winning the war on talent have figured this out. They are decisive, attentive and focused on getting the right person hired in a timely manner. And to save valuable time and avoid offer turn-downs, they’ve hired a professional search firm with expertise at presenting candidates who are prescreened to accept your offer. 

If you are going to navigate the high seas of hiring, take heed:

  • Don’t invent the hiring process as you go along.  
  • Tell candidates what they can expect, then deliver.
  • Over communicate with your candidates. 
  • Be sure to use your most intelligent, compassionate and tenured employees to help sell your opportunity. 

Best advice we can give: A good professional search firm can be your secret weapon in the war for talent.